Cosmetic Tattooing and Semi-Permanent Makeup Services
Terms and Conditions:


Please read ALL of the Terms & Conditions (listed below) carefully BEFORE booking.

INK PORFA, L.L.C. (D.B.A. BROWLYMPUS) is one of the most sought-after locations in Central Florida for Cosmetic Tattoo Artistry.

BROWLYMPUS has a reputation built on complete transparency; we ensure that every potential client has clear expectations by understanding everything about our services and policies, including the pros and cons.

For us to provide you with excellent service at BROWLYMPUS, we want to ensure that you agree with our policies. IF AT ANY POINT you disagree with our policies OR think our policies will cause conflict in the future, please DO NOT CONTINUE BOOKING. As we are a top choice for cosmetic tattooing, we understand we are not the perfect match for everyone.


- As most of our appointments involving a tattoo machine are three hours long and booked far in advance, BROWLYMPUS will make NO EXCEPTIONS to any of the policies within its' Cosmetic Tattooing - Terms & Conditions (listed in detail below) at any time for any reason:



- At BROWLYMPUS, we are NOT liable if your results do NOT meet your expectations (please note: we can not guarantee any result as a cosmetic service).

- Everyone's skin is different. Although most of our clients love their final results, we have clients whose skin will not heal or retain precisely like they want it, and we are only as good as your skin lets us be when it comes to our work and your healed results.


- YOUR NAME must MATCH the name on the CREDIT or DEBIT CARD USED TO BOOK the appointment at BROWLYMPUS

- IF SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING FOR YOU, please contact US FIRST because the CARDHOLDER WILL NEED TO SIGN AN AUTHORIZATION FORM before utilizing their credit card.


- NO REFUNDS will be given to any client whose scheduled appointment is canceled because they are more than 15 minutes late.

- Permanent makeup artist(s) take multiple clients daily and need the total time for each appointment to deliver results AND to start their next appointment on time.

-Please consider the growth within the city of Clermont impacting traffic and your arrival time. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive at our studio.


- If a client is more than 15 minutes LATE to their scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to CANCEL your appointment, and you will NOT be eligible for a refund, nor will your deposit or retainer fee(s) be transferred to a different appointment time slot or date. NO REFUNDS will be given to any client whose scheduled appointment is canceled because they are more than 15 minutes late.

SAME-DAY CANCELLATIONS (also known as "no-call, no-show" appointment cancellations):

- If you cancel the same day of your appointment, you will be charged for the remaining balance of the FULL SERVICE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- If you are a "no-call, no-show" to your appointment and want to RESCHEDULE it, it is FIRST up to the permanent makeup artist's discretion.

- If the client is a same-day cancellation to their initial appointment AND the permanent makeup artist's discretion grants approval for the client to reschedule, THEN please note the client is REQUIRED to pay a new deposit/retainer fee for the date they select.

RESCHEDULING appointment(s) WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of your appointment:

- A) If you reschedule within seven days of your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit/retainer fee.

- B) You must pay a new deposit/retainer fee for your next appointment at BROWLYMPUS.

- Any appointments canceled by the client WITHIN ONE WEEK (7 calendar days) of their appointment date will FORFEIT their deposit/retainer fee and CANNOT transfer this deposit/retainer fee to a later date.

*** You must book a new appointment online and pay a new deposit/retainer fee. ***

RESCHEDULING appointment(s) BEFORE the seven-day window:

- A) If rescheduling your appointment BEFORE the seven-day window, you may transfer your deposit retainer fee to a new date ONCE.

- B) Once you select your new appointment date, then the one-time transfer of your deposit (retainer fee) will no longer be transferable to another date.


- If you are "sick," contact your artist immediately; it is up to their discretion on how they handle your appointment.

- We will not make rescheduling exceptions if you "think" you have COVID-19; If you cancel your appointment and TEST NEGATIVE, you will NOT be an exception to the policy.

- Please note: We only make exceptions to our rescheduling policy IF YOU TEST POSITIVE for covid AND submit a copy of your results.

Please note: We only make exceptions to our rescheduling policy IF YOU TEST POSITIVE for COVID-19 AND provide a copy of your positive test results.

- Before your appointment, please be responsible, limit crowd interactions, and use proper hand-washing techniques.


- Permanent makeup service(s) (such as ombre powder brows) is a 2-session process, and after 5-10 weeks have lapsed then, a touch-up, also known as a "perfection session," is REQUIRED

- Your initial touch-up session, also known as the "perfecting session," is to be done 5-10 weeks after your initial session.

- In the touch-up session, we can see how your cosmetic tattoo healed then we can go darker and bolder based on your consultation.

- Selecting your touch-up appointments for a time slot within those 5-10 weeks is IMPORTANT; otherwise, waiting OVER 10 weeks to be seen for a touch-up session is subject to the standard pricing of an initial appointment.

***We do NOT offer the rate of a touch-up session on clients that have previously had work completed by another artist not affiliated with INK PORFA, L.L.C. (D.B.A "BROWLYMPUS").***

- ALL clients with prior work not affiliated with BROWLYMPUS must book an appointment for the current rate of an initial session AND any additional fees associated.


- Any appointments canceled within one week (7 calendar days) of the appointment date will forfeit your deposit retainer for the original appointment AND will be recharged another deposit fee to reschedule.


- You are under the age of 18

- You have any underlying health or medical conditions WITHOUT addressing them with your artist at BROWLYMPUS

- You are diabetic (Note: chronically elevated blood sugars can increase the risk of a skin infection)

- You are taking blood-thinning medications

- You are currently pregnant or nursing

- You are actively undergoing chemotherapy

- You smoke regularly (including but not limited to cigarettes, nicotine, and marijuana); Please reach out if you smoke anything that is not listed and notify us to see whether or not you are eligible to be a client at BROWLYMPUS.

- You have skin redness or irritation in the area in which your cosmetic tattoo will be.

- You are taking any medications that influence your skin (such as oral acne medications or topical skincare regimens) WITHOUT addressing it with your artist first at BROWLYMPUS.

- Either (A) You are not able to OR (B) you are not planning on stopping (at least two weeks BEFORE your appointment date) the use of your TOPICAL or ORAL SKINCARE routine with ANY of the following active ingredients: [Retin-A (Generic is Topical Tretinoin), hydroquinone, and Vitamin Serums].


- You are pregnant, nursing, trying to get pregnant, or thinking you may have a chance of being pregnant.

- If you find out you are pregnant BEFORE YOUR appointment, we will NOT make an exception to our policy.


- DO NOT BOOK UNTIL YOU HAVE 1) SENT US PHOTOS of your eyebrows currently AND 2) given APPROVAL TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with non-virgin eyebrows.

- Even if you think your prior work has faded entirely, please send us photos if you previously had ANY previous semi-permanent makeup service done to your eyebrows (including but not limited to microblading, or ombre powder brows, nano-brows);

- If you arrive without submitting a picture of the prior work done to your eyebrows and it is too dark or too saturated for us to perform the new cosmetic tattoo, you will NOT be accepted and responsible for paying for the entire appointment and not eligible for a refund.



- Please DO NOT BOOK your appointment if you cannot comply with the policies listed.

- Do not consume caffeinated drinks (such as coffee)

- Do not consume stimulants that impact your blood flow and may affect your healed result [such as illegal substances (cocaine, methamphetamine), or lawful substances (such as scheduled two (CII) controlled substances for ADHD or ADD)]; Please do not start or stop taking any of your medication(s) without speaking to your healthcare provider first.

- Do not consume alcohol and other medications with blood-thinning properties (such as NSAIDs including but not limited to Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Naproxen); Please do not start or stop taking any of your medication(s) without speaking to your healthcare provider first.

- Do not use skincare products with any active ingredient(s)[Retin-A (Generic is Topical Tretinoin), hydroquinone, and Vitamin Serums].

- Call if you have any questions concerning whether your medical conditions impact you as an eligible client because your safety is our priority.

- You must consult your doctor BEFORE scheduling your appointment if any of the medication(s) you are taking (A) impact your body's blood flow, (B) the integrity of your skin, or (C) suppress your immune system.

- It is in your best interest for your doctor to be made aware and give you their consent to proceed with the service involving a tattoo machine at BROWLYMPUS because your skin will undergo minimal trauma.

- Your health and safety matter at BROWLYMPUS. If your current health condition or medication regimen influences your eligibility as a client, then documentation of your healthcare provider's consent BEFORE BOOKING a service with us is required; Please obtain and attach a copy of your healthcare provider's approval to proceed with your selected brow service (such as ombre-powder brows) through the scheduling platform utilized to book an appointment with us.


- Semi-permanent makeup services that utilize a tattoo machine are a 2-session process

- You must wait AT LEAST five weeks to allow your brows to heal BEFORE you return to the studio for your second session (touch-up session).

- YOU MUST SCHEDULE YOUR TOUCH-UP APPOINTMENT within 5-10 weeks of your FIRST session date.

- The client is responsible for scheduling their second session (touch-up appointment) within 5-10 weeks of their FIRST session at BROWLYMPUS.

- Your desired result is typically reached AFTER your second session (two appointments in total). On average, our clients' eyebrows heal 40% lighter in color after the initial session.

- Please note that our client's potential to heal 90% lighter should NOT be alarming because this healed result may be considered "normal" based on their skin type and skin integrity.

- YOU MUST AVOID getting your tattoo wet (such as no swimming and wearing proper eyebrow protection in the shower) UNTIL it has healed.

- AFTER your first session, your eyebrows may result in the following: (scabbing, flaking, itchiness, and loss of existing pigment or may appear lighter than when you left the studio after your initial appointment). Please notify BROWLYMPUS and contact your doctor immediately if any signs of infection (such as pus) occur.

- Please note that you MUST follow ALL aftercare instructions for the best return on your investment and to optimize pigment retention and the healing process.


- You MUST follow ALL aftercare instructions for the best return on your investment and to optimize pigment retention and the healing process.

NO PETS OR SERVICE ANIMALS (64E-28.007 Operational requirements for a tattoo establishment paragraph (8)):

The Florida Health Department does NOT allow animals of any kind into a tattoo establishment because we work with open skin prone to infection.

- Please note that this also includes SERVICE ANIMALS; If you have a physical disability, please arrange to have a guest or family member help you during your time here.


Due to COVID safety and company policies, we are NOT allowing any guests, family members (including children), or other persons in the studio who do NOT have an appointment.

PARKING: You must call your artist to let you into the building if you book outside the "normal" business operating hours of 9 A.M-5 P.M E.S.T. (Monday through Friday).


- Before and after photos or videos will be taken to document the work you received at BROWLYMPUS for your purchased service.

- During your appointment, ANY before and after photos or videos taken are the property of INK PORFA, L.L.C. (D.B.A. BROWLYMPUS), and we reserve ALL rights to use the BEFORE-AND-AFTER photos or videos taken during your service.

- We reserve ALL rights to use the BEFORE-AND-AFTER photos or videos taken during ANY and ALL of the services that are booked with our studio's artist(s) to be used for the following purposes, which include but are NOT limited to (a) ANY of the company's affiliated social media platforms, (b) for ANY advertising or ANY marketing purpose(s), and (c) any educational material created and distributed by INK PORFA, L.L.C. (D.B.A. BROWLYMPUS), (such as online training courses or in-person training).

*** IF AT ANY POINT you disagree with ANY of our policies (listed above)
OR think ANY of our policies (listed above) will cause conflict in the future, please DO NOT CONTINUE BOOKING your appointment at INK PORFA, L.L.C. (D.B.A. BROWLYMPUS).

Cosmetic Tattooing - Terms & Conditions


  1. _____ I have read and agree to the terms above *


  3. _____ I agree that I will not consume any caffeine or stimulants 24 hours before my appointment.

  4. _____ I agree that I do not have any underlying conditions that were not addressed with my artist.

  5. _____ I agree that I will not be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, and non-approved medications during the day of my appointment. *

  6. _____ I will not use skin care with ANY active ingredients such as retina, hydroquinone, c serums, any serums at all at least 2 weeks before my appointment. *

  7. _____ I understand that all deposits and services are non-refundable *

  8. _____ I understand that I will be charged for the FULL appointment if I cancel same day *

  9. _____ I understand that I will lose my deposit if I cancel or reschedule within seven days of the appointment *

  10. _____ I submitted pictures of my brows to be approved by Rosie (ONLY IF YOU HAVE PRIOR WORK) *

  11. _____ I understand that no guests or children are allowed *

  12. _____ The card being used for payment is my card *

  13. _____ I have read and understand the touch-up price policy *

  14. _____ I uploaded my Drivers License or Government ID (Required by the health department) * within the scheduling application

  15. _____ I will be given verbal and in-writing aftercare instructions *


FULL NAME: _________________________________________________

CURRENT ADDRESS: _________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: (____________)-____________ -____________

BIRTH DATE: ________________________________________________

AGE: _______________________________________________________

__________________________________________ _____/_____/________

Client Signature Date (Month/Day/Year)

__________________________________________ _____/_____/__________

Artist Signature Date (Month/Day/Year)

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